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As part of our “Grab and Go” (www.GrabandGo.org) and general healthy food service programming we created SchoolCafeterias.net. We have a 25-year history working with school districts, the School Nutrition Association and the very important Food Service Providers. We specialize in all of the important food service and retailing areas (The Cafeteria, The Canteen, The Fundraising and even The Concession Stands).

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As long term manufacturers and suppliers of food and beverage brands (retail, food service and healthcare) we have created specific programs for the food service and retail areas in a hospital, hotel, university, office, factory, active aging center and others.

Our features include Grab and Go, Healthy Voyager, and new Food Service and Beverage options. We have a broad mix of standard and healthy choices to choose from.


A part of our ‘Cafeteria’ programming includes TV coverage of food service providers and independent operators offering innovative solutions to the demand for healthier options. Our TV show line-up includes Healthy Voyager (www.HealthyVoyager.com), Planet X (www.PlanetX.TV), Emotional Mojo (www.EmotionalMojo.com) and newer ones, Entrepreneur Magazine TV and Concierge TV.

We will be connecting with both food service providers, independent operators and food service distributors learning about their wellness and healthy eating campaigns.


Our Break Room TV (www.BreakRoomTV.com) was created to be an employee-centric TV network in break rooms (Employee Lounges, Lunch Rooms) nationwide. With entertaining content, employee training modules and especially wellness and eating healthy programming…




The Campus: Our teams cover the campus as a whole with opportunities in food courts, cafeterias, convenience stores, vending areas, employee stores, micro markets, gift stores, book stores, food kiosks, franchised locations, resident dining and more. The formats we cover include universities and colleges, hospitals, active aging centers, government buildings, office and factory locations, remote sites and much more.

Schools (K-12): As a K-12 campus we look at all of the areas a school campus has for food service and retail opportunities as well as those related retailing areas (Concession Stands, Fundraising, Booster Clubs and more).


Our Healthy Fare Commitment: As manufacturers and brand partners (with clients) we are committed to creating healthier choices for our out-of-home and food service operator customers. The team brands we have are either natural or organic and most are gluten free as well.

Our future internal marketing efforts also will include:

www.SaludyNutricion.org: our Hispanic Consumers

www.GFStores.com: Dedicated to gluten free product manufacturing and creations

www.HealthyVoyager.com: We are helping expand Healthy Voyager as a national TV show

The Cafeteria


The team has 25 years experience in creating and introducing new products for cafeteria areas (schools, universities, hospitals, offices, etc).

With our brand / manufacturing partners we are introducing new healthier choices for the cafeteria environment such as:

  • * Gluten Free Options
  • * Grab and Go Programming
  • * New Ethnic Choices
  • * Nutrition Calculators
  • * Healthy Grab and Go Options

The School Canteen/Student Store


A number of schools have a canteen or student store in which students can buy beverages, snacks, school supplies and other core items during their school lunches and breaks (sometimes before and after school as well).

The team has a full line-up of healthy food, beverage and snack options that we are offering to school canteen/student store programs.

  • * Gluten-Free
  • * Non-GMO
  • * Sugar Free
  • * Nut-Free
  • * Natural and Organic

The Concession Stand


concession stand (American English), snack kiosk or snack bar (British English, Irish English) is a place where patrons can purchase snacks or food at a cinema, amusement park, fair, stadium, or other entertainment venue. A concession stand in a school environment (especially high schools) are a very important revenue source for school. They will run a food service and retail business out of a concession stand for sporting events.



Fundraising or fund raising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money to raise funds for a group, charity or cause. For schools we have created Fundraising Supply (www.FundraisingSupply.com) which is an extension of our healthy alternative programs (ex GrabandGo.org). The line-up we are creating is specific to healthy only (gluten-free, natural, organic, nut-free, non-GMO, etc).

We are creating fundraising packs with our cooperative partners that will be offered in our own ‘healthy alternative’ catalogs and e-commerce efforts. We will be exhibiting this line-up at the next fundraising trade show (AFRDS) in Las Vegas.

Booster Clubs


A booster club is an organization that is formed to support (e.g. coordinate events, raise money, etc.) an associated club, organization or sports team Booster clubs are popular in American schools at the high school and university level.

As booster clubs are very important to raising funds for outside school activities such as sports teams, math clubs, inventor clubs, music camps, summer camps and other related school programs our team is involved in creating specific fundraising and concession stand campaigns for booster clubs alone. We will be creating a specific website talking to booster clubs with our healthier solutions.

Youth Leagues


Related to the school (K-12) programs are specific healthy snack options that are created specifically for youth leagues. A youth league is a social or sports club dedicated to those under the age of 18. Examples of youth leagues include sports (AYSO, YMCA), Scouting (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts), National Orgs (Boys and Girls Club), Explorer Scouts (Sheriff’s, Police) and others.

Programs for youth leagues may relate to subjects such as fundraising, concession stands, events, health fairs, charity efforts, community programs, etc.

The Vending Program


The vending operators are one of the most important retailing areas for a school system. With recent demands from the parents and the local governments most schools are offering healthier choices (replacing sodas and standard snacks).

The team has created its own healthy platforms including:

AdVentures (www.Advendtures.com) – Our own and partnering brands dedicated to the healthy space (snacks, beverages, prepared foods and more). Grab and Go (www.GrabandGo.org) – A partnering effort with vending operators looking for combined solutions in a number or programs relating to single serve (Grab and Go) offerings.