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CPG Start-ups


Retail Formats

Down The Street Marketing

The Innovation Biz Group has created specialized retail format studies for clients (sales planning, distributor planning) that introduce them to all potential retail sales formats ideal for their product lines. Our efforts have also included ‘Direct to Store Delivery’ programming as well.

Sales Planning

A core part of our consulting programs involves the creation of a sales plan. Sales plans are an integral part of a business plan. The Innovation Biz Group specializes in being experts on aligning the right sales channels to the subject new brand/brand group in mind.

“Creating a Concept” and “Launching a Product”

Specific Format Programs

We create special programs relative to the retail format itself. The efforts include a specific website we create that addresses that audience specifically (with programs and select products ideal for them).

Ex, Micro Markets and Healthy Options coming from our cooperative of partners.


Incubation Advisory

As a Team we advise start-ups from the angle of an incubator as well as part of the team itself…

The Innovation Biz Group comes from the industry from many different principles: Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Product Development, Media, Web Based Solutions/CRM, Sales, Trade Associations, Marketing, Colleges and Universities, Shopper Insights, Food Incubation and Imports/Exports.

* We have helped launch consumer product companies, expanded others and introduced international brands into North America

* The team and its partners have created solutions for state departments of agriculture including ‘farm to market’ databases, a supporting website, trade association creations, in-store marketing campaigns, in-state distribution solutions and most recently the creation of a supporting national TV show being created this year

* We have served on several CPG start-up advisory boards as well have recruited others for advisory board membership

* Been involved helping create new food incubation systems, helping others and advising a series of established incubators

* Creating a new Commercial Kitchen Trade Association (www.CommercialKitchens.org) to help with their operation needs and advisory for their client