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We Cover The Whole Campus (School Map)…


As A Campus…

We concentrate our product creation and sales efforts with the school campus in mind.  There is a long list of healthy food and beverage solutions needs that go beyond the cafeteria itself (although the cafeteria is the most important for discussions).

The team creates programs that address the following parts of a school campus (on site and off site):

  • * The Cafeteria
  • * The School Canteen
  • * The School Vending Programs
  • * The Ball Field Concession Stand
  • * The Gymnasium Concession Stand
  • * The Booster Club Programs
  • * The Teacher’s Lounge
  • * The Fundraising Programs
  • * Team Sports Nutrition Programs

The team is creating school specific marketing sites that address these vital areas of the school.  Look for these coming soon.

These Include: